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jueves, 2 de septiembre de 2010

ElectroNoir RMX 7 (2010)

Synthpop , Future Pop y EBM componen esta sesion 
para el numero 7 de la serie . Quizas relize un Bonus CD
para este mix ... pero solo "quizas" ... Enjoy it !!!

Synthpop/Future Pop/Gothic/EBM
Un solo track

Tracklist :

Unbearable beauty (Twisted remix) - Ashbury Heights
Phoenix - Frozen Plasma
Alchemy of time - Galaxy Hunter
Letting go - Backlash
Malice - Absent One
Taste of blood (A random 80s vampire movie) - Anders Manga
Phonix (Burn the house remix by XPQ-21) - Lame Immortelle
Sandman ([:SITD:] remix) - Oomph!
Amok (Renegade Of Noise remix) - Eisbrecher
The masquerader and the phoenix (Phoenix mix) - Theatre Of Tragedy
Solitude (Frist Black Pope's disco inferno mix) - Theatre Des Vampires
Going nowhere - Access Zero
Disease (Franz & shape remix) - Julien-K
Fuckmachine - Combichrist
Trillcapsule (Moonitor remix) - Icon Of Coil
Spiders - Ashbury Heights
Hoerst du mein rufen (Wumpscut remix) - Umbra Et Imago
Arising hero - Funker Vogt
No time - Arian 1
Ritual noise - Covenant
Chrome ([:SITD:] mix) - VNV Nation
Raise and fall (Colony 5 remix) - Solitary Experiments
A number and a name - Rotersand
21st century slave (2.0 mix by Dope Stars Inc) - Dope Stars Inc.
21st century slave - Dope Stars Inc.

Tiempo total : 01:10:00

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